Gimerà is on the whole an extraordinary example of medieval architecture and urbanism. The presence of arches, covered, bridge houses, porches and varied sample of items as doorways, windows and balconies is characteristic. We also emphasize the preservation of much of its walled and their portals. All these architectural and urban elements were determined the Guimerà declaration in 1975 as a Historic Artistic and cataloging in 1993 as a National Cultural Heritage.

“In Guimerà stones arranged to form a neat and finished monuments that can be found in Catalonia. It seems as if the village that hung below the castle and the church were from the beginning of time. The stones are about to fall, but stand on perpetually tying houses, windows, streets, doorways and balconies. People living with interim stones, which are more elaborate medieval mosaic I know.”
La marinada sempre arriba  de Lluís Foix, 2013.

Places of interest

  • Old Town, watchtower of the castle, church of Santa Maria, chapel of St. Stephen, Sanctuary of Santa Maria Bovera, ruins of the Monastery of Santa Maria de Vallsanta.
  • Guimerà is also known as “nine cups”, as the view of the town from the river is crowded houses on some of the others.
  • Second weekend of August is held the Medieval Market.

Activities nearby

“Guimerà is a surprising and picturesque village, you will not need a guide, you can continue along the street you want, and a watchful eye, they are truly beautiful angles, doors, porches, towers, windows and balconies … One of the things that also surprising are the portals that little space, there is research to choose the most beautiful and unequal step ….. what goes up step that low threshold of wood, stone, arched or angled Garber and even some bad, although the doors are always adjusted as best to keep the privacy of every home, open one can compare the variety and availability of inputs and how the space is so well used. For the stranger, Guimerà is always a real find.”

Gregori Satorres 1979